Active Rehab Program

How does it work?

The Active Rehab Program is an innovative new approach to get your “slow payers” back on track. This program is specifically for accounts less than 90 days past due. Once received, we start our collection process within 24 hours of placement with:

  • Assignment to a Senior Collection Specialist
  • Daily calls made to the customer
  • Minimum (3) personalized, professional letters sent to your customer

Once the past due balance has been collected, the account will be returned to you with the customer back on track to continue their payments directly to you.

Why does it work?

Placing to an outside agency instantly escalates the necessity that the past due balance must be paid immediately. It creates a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind and can give the “push” needed to get the balance paid.


We secure a commitment for payment, and document the conversation explicitly in the account notes for your review through our online client access portal.


Our clients have seen a great improvement in their early stage delinquencies. After going through the Active Rehab Program, you should experience fewer customers falling behind a second time.

Cost-Effective Flat Fee Rates

Get solid recovery results at an affordable flat fee rate. This easy-to-use program is an excellent tool to quickly resolve your early stage delinquencies. No contingency fees or commissions– just fast results to increase your cash flow and keep your collection costs low.