Debt Collection

Our Debt Collection Approach

We pride ourselves in having one of the most effective debt collection programs in the
industry. Our collectors are trained to use innovative techniques and think “outside the
box” to compel even the most difficult accounts to pay. We can locate deep skips, assets,
and equipment in order to make sure you get paid. Our proven track record and unique collection program ensures you get the highest return on your money.

Once an account becomes delinquent, do not hesitate to place it in collections. According
to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the chart below demonstrates how the clock is
ticking away at your recovery rate:

Recoverabilty Timeline – Past Due Accounts


Ensure the Highest Recovery – Place Your Business Today

When an account is placed to our agency, we help create a sense of urgency that shows the debtor your account is of utmost importance and needs to be addressed immediately.

Our Collection Success Program:

  • Process begins within the first 24 hours of placement
  • Calls are placed immediately
  • Letter series begins immediately
  • Debtor is contacted via every method at our disposal under the law
  • Personal Guarantors are credit reported to the credit bureaus