Delta’s Industry Recognized Approach


Delta’s Industry Recognized Approach

Delta’s Industry Recognized Approach to Commercial Collections

The Delta Management Group, Inc within 24 hours will be in contact with your delinquent customer. During that period, methods employed by Delta Management Group include skip-tracing, D&B reports and credit reports, the customer is located on social media platforms, all placed accounts are scrubbed  for deceased or bankrupt customers. We also thoroughly investigate all documentation to determine best methods to collect. After our team has become familiar with your account, we assign it to our senior collectors.

We NEVER use an auto-dialer for your accounts. We understand your delinquent customers are businesses, and they needed to be treated with a different tact than consumers. It is our job to effectively motivate your past due accounts to resolve the situation. By subscribing to the theory of catching more flies with honey than vinegar, we mediate a reasonable solution that begins with an expectation of full repayment of the debt.

We negotiate on your behalf with delinquent customers, their counsel, their representatives or agents- anyone we need to in order to get the debt resolved. When all is done and agreed upon by our client, Delta provides General Releases, Bills of Sale, or any other documentation needed to finalize. Zero Up-Front fees and effective, trusted and proven results…that’s Delta Management Group! Call Nancy Backus today at (651) 481-9548 for a no-obligation quote for services.