Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’ve received notice about an outstanding debt. How can I make a payment?
    Call one of our representatives at (651) 481-9548 to set up your payment, or you can mail your payment directly to our office at Delta Management Group, Inc. Mailing address: 2499 Rice Street, Suite 245, St. Paul, MN 55113. Please include your account number on your payment to ensure proper application.
  2. What fees are charged to account placements for debt collection services?
    There are no up-front fees for our collection services. As a strictly contingency-based agency, we provide our clients with remittance checks rather than bills.
  3. What is the typical batch size I can place with Delta Management Group, Inc.?
    We are capable of handling any size batch of placements. They will be imported into our system and run through our proven collection process no matter if it’s one account or one thousand accounts.
  4. Is there an account balance that is too small or too big to place with Delta Management Group, Inc.?
    We have no limitations on account size. We have success working accounts with balance ranging from a few hundred dollars, up to millions of dollars
  5. What type of debt can I place for debt collections with Delta Management Group, Inc.?
    We are seasoned commercial collectors with a passion for what we do. Whether the account is for a deficiency balance, the equipment or guarantors are missing, unpaid property tax or late fees, a business line of credit, a merchant cash advance, or any other kind of account. If there is a balance owed to you, place it with Delta Management Group, Inc. and we will put our results-oriented process to work for you.
  6. How long has Delta Management Group, Inc. been in business?
    We have been in business for over 25 successful years.
  7. What geographic areas do you collect debt in?
    Delta is licensed to collect commercial debt nationwide.
  8. Can I check on the status and progress of my placements?
    Definitely! At Delta, we pride ourselves on our client reporting. We will custom tailor our reports to meet your specific reporting needs. You can also monitor our progress on your accounts through our 24/7 online client portal.
  9. Who do I contact about collection services at Delta Management Group, Inc.?
    You can contact Nancy Backus at (651) 481-9548.

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