One of the most problematic repercussions of the covid recession is the late payment culture that has affected business of all sizes. Firms are delaying payment to suppliers and creditors in order to preserve their own cash flow which is often a result of not being paid on time themselves.

When an account starts creeping past due, it can become more and more difficult and time consuming to collect. Clients would rather use their time on writing new contracts rather than worrying about debt and equipment recovery.

Responding quickly and using our vast experience in the commercial debt recovery arena, Delta Management Group works diligently to maximize the recovery of the debts and/or recovery of equipment.

Having our focused collectors and remarketing agents in place provides peace of mind to our client’s that the money is coming in and they are well placed for continued success.

Bradley Backus

Bradley Backus is a Digital Marketing Manager and SEO Copywriter Specialist. He was born and raised in Minnesota and is a graduate of Metropolitan State University with a degree in Creative Writing.