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Active Rehab Program


Our Active Rehab Program is an innovative new approach to get your “slow payers” back on track. This program is specifically for accounts less than 90 days past due. Once received, we start our collection process within 24 hours of placement with:

  • Assignment to a Senior Collection Specialist
  • Daily contact attempts made to the customer
  • Minimum (3) personalized, professional letters sent to your customer

Once the account is brought current, the customer will be returned back to you to continue their regular monthly payments.


Placing to an outside agency instantly escalates the necessity that the past due balance must be paid immediately. It creates a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind and can give the “push” needed to get the balance paid.

You will notice that customers may call you directly to avoid working with an agency. Please forward them directly back to us and advise them we are servicing the past due portion of their contract. Once the past due portion is brought current, we instruct the customer to continue the current payments with you.


Monthly collection reports and remittances are sent out to you automatically on the 25th of each month.


Our clients have seen a great improvement in their early-stage delinquencies. After going through the Active Rehab Program, you should experience fewer customers falling behind a second time.


Delta offers this program at a cost-effective, reduced contingency fee rate. Please contact Crystal Stevenson at (651) 481-9548 to start placing today.

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