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The current challenges have made it difficult for customers to meet their financial obligations, thereby putting them at risk of default. Collections can be strenuous and demanding and that is why it requires experienced people who can quickly redeem delinquencies for your business. This is where a third-party debt collection agency comes into play. Entrusting your collections to experts helps to increase your returns by recovering defaults that would have caused impairment. For this to be done effectively, choosing a collection agency provider who can execute collections on all delinquency platforms with an efficient collection model, process and strategy are of utmost importance.

When Is the Right Time to Outsource Debt?

Many businesses are still in the dark as to how to take the much-needed steps for debt recovery, while some do not know the best time to look into outsourcing. It’s a known fact that the longer the delinquency, the harder debts are to recover. It is widely accepted by experts that for every 30 days delay in payment, there’s a 10% reduced chance of recovery. Outsourcing early enough to increase your company’s cash flow is imperative.

Signs to Spot When Outsourcing Is Needed

To identify these potential threats to debt recovery, here are some signs to watch out for and when you spot these red flags, it is time to consider outsourcing:

  1. Consistent evasion: When a debtor begins to ignore your calls and/or emails.
  2. Defaulting on the initial payment: Is a sign of potential fraud and a warning sign to service providers.
  3. The customer makes sporadic payments: Outsourcing the debt will turn things around because it’s all about negotiation. Your provider undoubtedly has an automated system for managing payments and promises to pay.
  4. Debtor ignores reminders: It is not unusual for debtors to ignore reminders for payment however a debt collection agency can find the right language and use the law along with credit reporting to persuade your debtor to act quickly and pay on time.
  5. Debtor finds fault with your service: This situation often leads to payment issues however since your collection agency has a good understanding of your business, they will be able to take charge and settle any dispute cordially and diplomatically.
  6. Cost of internal collections is high for your payroll: This is the most important reason for you to outsource your debt to a collection agency. It is significantly costlier to carry the upfront cost of hiring and keeping a team of agents with all the requisite infrastructure and technology required to do debt collection. An external agency can offer you no out-of-pocket expenses, just a commission on the amounts collected.



Outsourcing your defaulted accounts will bring about significant improvement in the overall efficiency of your business, thanks to the effective collections of an agency. By streamlining and improving the debt collections process, you will see a notable reduction in late payments and an increase in cash flow which will lead to a healthy recovery of your profitability margins.

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